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Mini WWE Wrestling Ring Toys With 12 Toy Set Action Heroes Deal On Children Gift Wholesale


  • 1 Wrestling ring
  • 12 toys and other battling frill set
  • Frill set incorporates table
  • Cot, confine, garbage bin, stepping stool, attaché and more
  • Size: Length 5 CM, Height 6.5 CM
  • More than 3 years old

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This wrestling ring toy wholesale comes with a wrestling ring, twelve toys, and a variety of extra combat accessories. Wrestling ring toy wholesale is an attractive toy.

The accessory set comes with a variety of items, including tables, stretchers, cages, trashcans, ladders, briefcases, exhausts, seats, and much more.

Affordable, interesting and fun.

This toy was made with materials of the highest caliber.

This toy has the following measurements: 5 cm length, 6.5 cm tall, and 6.5 cm wide.

This wrestling ring toy is suitable for children over the age of three.

This ring toy is a wonderful gift for children at parties, Christmas, birthdays, and other functions.

For kids, toys are really joyful and loving. Toys are among the first things that young children ask their parents for. They really love with high quality toys, and things are everything. And if their preferred ring toy is that, then everyone delighted to see them. They find this gadget to be quite engaging because kids have always loved watching wrestling on TV and on mobile devices.

So one wrestling ring, twelve toys, plus a collection of additional combat accessories included in this toy. Tables, stretchers, cages, trashcans, ladders, briefcase, exhausts, chairs, and much more all included in the accessory set. High quality materials used in the construction of this toy. Then the dimensions of this toy are 5 cm long, 6.5 cm tall, and 6.5 cm wide. Kids older than 3 years old will love this product. Kids will find this toy to be quite engaging. This item will make kids delighted when it is given to them. To keep the children pleased, take this toy today. Giving children this wrestling ring toy as a gift for various celebrations, festivals, or birthdays is ideal. Additionally, this toy will maintain the children’s happiness and peace.

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Dimensions5 × 6.5 cm


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