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Large Rainbow Magic Spring Coil Slinky Toys 15cm Wholesale


Size: Approx. 6 * 3 * 3 inch/ 15 * 7.6 * 7.6 cm (H*L*W)

Great for party use
Diamater: 7.5 CM, height: 15 CM

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  1. Magic spring coil slinky toys wholesale  is unique, stretchy and novelty spring. Magic spring slinky toy wholesale is a very attractive toy .
  2. Neon and glitter are two styles.
  3. The colours are exciting and vibrant. 4.Both attractive and strong.
  4. Multicoloured plastic coil
  5. Magic spring toy diameter : 5 cm greater than it is the 15cm approx 10m
  6. Fun and affordable
  7. Educational toy
  8. Utilizing magic spring toys for fun.
  9. Play with a magic spring toy to keep the kids entertained and having a blast.
  10. An endless supply of fun.


The 2 Rainbow Magic Spring Toy is a very lovely toy.A very entertaining and special stretchy novel as a toy with a spring diameter 5CM greater than it is the 15CM APPROX 10M Giant Rainbow Coil Slinky. A great violin toy is a magic spring toy with a multicolored plastic coil.Children’s Huge Classic Novelty Toys, Giant Magic Spring Toys, Colorful Neon Plastic Prizes, Gifts, Birthdays, and Favors.It might also be effective. A plastic coil with various colors makes up the Magic Spring Toy. Children can easily transport this toy because it constructs of plastic. A fantastic fiddle type of toy is this item. Additionally, this toy contains an innovative, elastic spring.

It can actually go down the steps. It is incredibly attractive due to the rainbow of hues that run along its length. However, a variety of applications are guaranteed by its enormous size and excellent play quality. To prevent tangles prior to purchase, each individual rainbow spring is wrapped in an easily removable label.Slinks from Magic Spring are a popular toy for young toddlers. Slinks down the stairs or steps are excellent classic games for kids, both boys and girls. This toy is ideal for gift stuffers or party favor bags. The diameter of this magic spring toy is 5 cm.

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